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Winterfest’s Treasure Hunt will lead you through many tunnel passages. You’ll find treasures at the end, for sure, but you’ll encounter many treasures along the way as well.  And the Crystal Rose Lending Library is one of those – an amazing collection of years and years of dreams … stories, poetry, and artwork created before the days of the internet. Enjoy your visit here today, and do please come back!

This quiz will take you on a short tour of the pages of the CRLL’s site. You’ll have to do a little reading, a bit of research, but that’s what libraries are for! 🙂


 If you get lost, you won’t have to start over at the beginning of the hunt.


You need to open the site in a new window or tab so you can move between the pages of the site and this quiz.

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The ‘TAB’ button will skip over the multiple choice questions and you’ll end up leaving some questions out and having to start the quiz over. Don’t use the ‘RETURN’ button – it doesn’t do anything.

You may need to zoom the page. The quiz answers are in a really small font, and I have not managed to adjust them. Argh.

Again, make sure you bookmark this page in case you get lost, something goes wrong, or you need stop to heat up your tea.


The original Lending Library grew from the efforts of a fan group from which state:

JoAnn Grant and Vicki Thomas were the founders of the zine library and managed it for several years. Eventually, the collection passed to the next librarian, Jan Sutter. In which state did Jan live?

What was the size of the collection when Jan received it?

In 2010 the library changed hands again. Jan shipped all the zines she had acquired over the years to JoAnn B in California. How many metal filing cabinets-full did JoAnn receive?

How many boxes of zines and how many titles arrived in east Tennessee?

How many titles are in the CRLL collection today?

The CRLL has the permission of the owners of the *Helpers' Network Quality Fanzine Review* to use its descriptive data in the zine listings. What is the Quality Fanzine Review most commonly called?

If you want to browse the catalog of zines, you find its start on The Stacks page. What is the title of the first zine you are taken to when you click *Start Here*?

Once you're browsing the catalog, you can narrow your search by title alphabetically or by subject by clicking links in the sidebar. What is the first title listed as a *Poetry Zine*?

If the CRLL has 1000+ titles in its catalog, why are they not all listed yet? (The posted zines seem stalled in the mid-Es, alphabetically.) Yes, there's only one answer, but you must choose it in order to go on!