Borrowing from the CRLL


By submitting your borrowing request, you are committing to these terms and conditions and understand they must be met in order to retain your borrowing privileges:

1. You promise to return all the zines in your order within two months of receiving them. 

2. You promise to reimburse the CRLL for zines that are lost or damaged at the cost determined by the librarian.

3. You promise you will not scan, copy, or otherwise reproduce the zines you borrow from the CRLL to a file you then post on the internet in a publicly accessible way. You understand labeling a publicly clickable link as “private” (or any similar word) is not a workaround, and you promise you won’t do that either.

For details concerning Agreement #3, please read the CRLL’s stance on the Copying or Scanning of Zines for Online Posting


If you have any questions about these terms and conditions of borrowing privilege, please message the librarian.