Faded Roses, No. 1

A multi-fandom zine with 12 BatB submissions.

Edited by Cheryl Duval

BatB Story Authors: Teresa Sarick, Carol Kyne, Sue ann Sarick, Tricia Field, Claudia Bertrand, Dianne M. Smith, Melinda Knapp

Cover art by Phred

A lot of really nice internal art by Cheryl Duval, Terrie Smith, Phred, Joseph Phillips, Julie Edwards, Lisa Conner

97 pages of BatB stories, 227 pages altogether

Rated PG

Cover Art by Rosmarie Hauer

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A multi-fandom - but not a crossover - zine with stories for BatB, The Phantom of the Opera, and Amadeus.

Fiction, artwork, cartoons, and a classic naughty limerick.

NOTE: In one story, 'Reflections, A Dark Fantasy', Vincent dies in a cave-in.



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