The Faces of Darkness: Book 1 ~ Discovery

Alternate 3rd Season/Alternate Universe novel

Written by A. V. Wilde (novel) and Alexandra Vincent (poetry)

Rated PG – R+

172 pages

Published 1991

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NOTE: While this is described as Book 1, no Book 2 was ever published and the storylines in this novel are unresolved.

The painful events of "TLBL" are played out in full detail again, although changed in significant ways against the backdrop of another Catherine and Vincent story set in an alternate universe. This novel operates under two timelines: the end of the Trilogy and 3rd season, and, in counterpoint, a fantasy world in which Vincent is a clan-chief/warlord of the Dikarna (people like himself) who share the land uneasily with the celts (Llnaelli). Catherine, a Celt, becomes his captive and eventually his lover. The two stories occasionally intersect.

Some pretty rough-and-tumble sex here and there.



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