Eternity 3 – Collected Dreams

A collection of 7 Classic stand-alone stories

By Becky Bain

Rated R by the author for one event in one story, but overall rated G or PG

132 pages

published July 1997

Cover Art by Shirley Leonard

Interior art by Shirley Leonard

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Seven Classic stories. In "Lost", after a highway accident while returning from a vacation, an injured Vincent is helped and sheltered by a sympathetic rural teenager while Catherine and helpers search for him.

In "Flung Roses", Vincent suffers selective amnesia after a head injury and one of the memories he loses utterly is that of wife Catherine.

In "Asunder", Vincent and Catherine's honeymoon is disrupted by her abduction by another community Below.

In "It's All Relative", Vincent finds a man in Catherine's bedroom, much to his dismay.

In "Rivals", Lisa comes back to NYC, much to Catherine's dismay.

In "Preconceptions", Catherine's adopted Chinese daughter reacts poorly to the news of a biological child.

In "A Lamp Before Me", a mad man from Catherine's past captures Vincent and holds him for ransom - but the price he requests from her is high.



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