Eternity 1

Two long stories and one shorter story. The first story is SND in theme. The second and third stories are Continuing Classic

By Becky Bain

Rated G-R

142 pages

published 1993

Original poetry by Jeanne C. Peters

Cover Art by Shirley Leonard

Internal art by Phyllis Berwick and Shirley Leonard

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The author, Becky Bain, is one half of the zine writing team Lee Kirkland (of the Quantum Beast and Where the Rainbow Ends series).

In "O Never Star" Catherine takes advantage of the nurse's momentary carelessness to escape from Gabriel's custody. Part one is an account, first of her escape, then hiding, continually on the move until the birth of her son. Part two dramatizes her three years on the run with frightening near-misses with Gabriel's agents known or suspected. Rated R.

In "No Greater Love"' Vincent is Paracelsus' captive and on the edge of giving in to the Beast as Paracelsus apparently intends. Rated G.

In the final story, "Unrequited," Catherine deals with the unwanted adoration of Josh McKenzie, a new recruit to the DA's office, without letting Josh know anything about Vincent. Rated G.


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