Emotional Fires 1

A novel – an alternative to the trilogy (the last three episodes of Season 2)

By Marilyn Preston

Rated R+ (lots of romance, some explicit sex)

164 pages

published February 1992

Cover Art by Robert Ferguson

Internal art by Robert Ferguson, Mark Cobbold, Peter Woods

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As described by the author: "Emotional Fires is an alternative to the trilogy which concluded the second season. With a wave of my magic want (my pen) I have removed Paracelsus. Unfortunately the magic is only temporary and will not hold him forever - his return is inevitable. But for the time being, he cannot interfere in the lives of Vincent and Catherine or the tunnel community below the city of New York. So join me now and let me tell you how things could have been ... and how the events which are about to unfold within these pages will lay the foundation for an alternative to the third season ..."

Contacted by his aunt, Rachel, Vincent learns of his origins and that he's heir to a fair-sized fortune. Ex-tunnel-brat TL - a Devin-ish character and an undercover cop - is attracted to Lana (sic), but isn't sure he wants a permanent commitment. There are beginnings of romance between Rachel and Joe Maxwell despite the age difference. Some romance lots of foreplay, some explicit sex.


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