Embrace the Night

Classic/Continuing Classic/SND Anthology

Edited by Anita Hooson and Debbie Ristick

Rated R

205 pages

published 1991

Cover Art by Lisa Stubblefield

Internal art by Susan Abbott, Amy Bechtel, Bruce Holroyd, Jackie Kapke, Sue Krinard, Diane Leva, J. Ley, Kathy Palumbo, Lisa Stubblefield, and Pam Tuck.

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All Classic or Continuing Classic stories and poetry, plus an alternate 3rd season SND story. Several stories of consummation.

Stories by Debbie Ristick, Anita Hooson, Amy Bechtel, J. Ley, MariLynn, Sharon Wells, Karen Witkowski, Donna Vazquez, Jess Davis, Jackie Kapke, Kay Simon,  M. Sue Waugh


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