Echoes of the Heart

Classic zine by Rhonda Collins

104 pages

published 1994

Cover Art by Kevin Barnes

Internal art by Felicia Coffee, Rhonda Collins, Jan Durr, Rosemarie Hauer, Sally Perkins, Sandy Chandler Shelton

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A full-length classic zine expanding the episodes Terrible Savior  and Siege.

In the expansion of Terrible Savior, Catherine tries to get over her fears that Vincent may truly be a beast. In the expansion of Siege, she begins to face the realization that Vincent may be a man...with a man's romantic expectations of her. A subplot involves Mouse's refusal to move to allow the construction of an aqueduct. Included are original poems by the author as headnotes for each chapter.

The author also wrote several 4th Season/ Vincent & Diana zines, listed below.


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