Dreams, Genes and Memory Loss

A technically SND/Continuing Classic novel (with an unusual storyline) by Michele Hawley

225 pgs

Rated Adult: Vincent and Catherine in physical relationship, but also Vincent with others, and Catherine with others.

Cover art by the author

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This novel begins 10 years after The Rest is Silence. 3rd Season has turned out to be only a bad dream and Catherine's pregnancy was a false alarm. However!

Vincent has ended his relationship with Catherine and is married with two children and another on the way! Catherine, meantime, has a relationship with Joe, and later, with Vincent's look-alike cousin! Vincent then begins to visit Catherine while she sleeps and she eventually becomes pregnant for real. Vincent then leaves his wife and children to move to Canada with Catherine to raise their daughter. While in Canada, Vincent discovers he is part Canadian Big-Foot!

Explicit sex, not just between Vincent and Catherine.


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