The Dream Lives On

SND/Continuing Classic Anthology published in South Australia by Fable Enterprises

Edited by Janet Southam, Kathy Fidge, and Pamela Lang

Ratings unknown, . 166 pages

Cover Art by Kathy Fidge

Interior art Kathy Fidge and Glenys Walker

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Submissions  by Glenys Walker, Janet Southam, Marie Tillott, Sue Portier, and Jan Blunt.

In the story Warrior Lord, someone is sending Vincent messages from above describing Catherine's supposed trysts with Elliot Burch (even though the story is set AFTER Jacob's birth!). Lisa seems to be involved. Something happens to trigger Vincent's descent into darkness and he emerges in an alternate universe.

In Back To Your Heart, the tunnel community is moving even deeper below. Diana has become a close ally of Father, Vincent, and Catherine, but she divulges some upsetting information.

From the Crucible is written as a screenplay.

In Rumbles in the Tunnels, there is a motorbike! and Vincent is riding it!


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