The Dreamer Returns 1

A Classic/SND/(seemingly) 3rd Season Anthology of five stories (an arc, almost a novel in 5 chapters) all written by Kiki Cavanaugh.

Published 1990

Rated G

154 pgs

Cover art by Lisa Stubblefield

Interior art by Rita Terrell, Anna Deavers

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If read in order, the stories are an arc.

If read with a certain perspective, the first story, Those She Left Behind - which seems to follow 3rd Season's canon - seems more an alternative 3rd season story. Catherine does seem dead; Jacob has been returned to his father and the tunnels; Vincent is close to madness. Diana appears as a friend to Vincent, albeit with an unrequited love for him.

The second story, The Nightmare or the Dream, says it all in the title. Was it true, Catherine's death? Or only a terrible dream. Vincent falls into a coma after the events of the first story, but wakes to find ... 🙂

Elliot Burch appears in the story The Meeting of the Men.

In another story, Vincent and Catherine decide to marry (so ... the question of the second story is answered).


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