Dominion 1

An Alternate 3rd Season anthology …  or … a sort of 4th season collection (Catherine is gone, but Diana is not involved with Vincent) – all the stories center on baby/young Jacob. Includes poetry.

Edited by Mitzi Kay Schmeiser and Sandra Lea

Published 1991

Ratings undetermined, but seems likely to be G

Cover Art by Sherry White

Interior art by Sherry White, Ellen Siders, Rita Terrell, Barbara Gipson

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Anthology of stories centering on baby - and an older - Jacob. Catherine figures into memories and visions, but the events of 3S did occur.

Diana figures prominently, but early on readers discover she and Joe are in a relationship.

Stories by Mitzi Schmeiser, Ginger Schmeiser, Barbara Gilmore, Karyl Waldon, Sandra Lea, Tory Schmeiser

Poetry by Sandra Lea, Diana Kirkpatrick, Mitzi Schmeiser,


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