A Distant Shore 2 – Remember Love

Conzine for the 2000 Convention in Los Angeles presented by the Carousels and Caverns Community, July 7-9, 2000.

Edited by Taura Scott and Ben Bock

A mix of ratings G – adult

179 pages

Cover Art by Rosie Badgett

Interior art Armondo Norte, Kkylee, Sally Perkins, Lisa Stubblefield, Sandy Tew

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Stories by Eugenia Clark, Pat King, Dorothy McKnight, JoAnn Baca, Annik Perrot, Taura Scott, Anita Hollis, Wendy De-Veryard, Trisha Kehoe, Karen Mason-Richardson, Jackie Skalski Peggy Garvin, Nancy Lynn Knauff, Pattenbrink, Patricia Thomas, Oz Fontecchio, Angelique van het Kaar, Marcia Lefebvre


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