A Distant Shore 1 – The Fairy Tale Continues

Conzine for the 1995 Convention, presented by the Carousels and Caverns Community, July 7-9, 1995

Edited by Beth Druhan

A mix of ratings G – adult

211 pages

Cover Art by Anna Deavers Kelly

Interior art by Sandy Shelton, Lynette Combs, Nancy Mastandrea, Rosie Badgett,Sally Perkins, Rosemarie Hauer, Charlotte Van Til, Renate, and Sandy Tew

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Stories by Rosie Badgett, Katherine Garnett, Joanna Ratcliff, Theresa Peppe, Rebecca Marcus, Glynys Walker, Nancy Mastandrea, Marty Hausner, Nancy Merckle, Peggy Garvin,Rose Marie Badgett, Sara Conklin, Benjamin Russell, Jackie skalski, Charlotte Van Til, James Nelson, Irene Felton, Helen Commodore, Judith Nolan, Katrina Relf, Vanessa Mills, Trisha Kehoe, Pat Leslie, Dorothy McKnight, Peggy McNabb, Gwen Lord, Erick Jonasson


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