Different Seasons

Traditional lst, 2nd, and 3rd Season material, crossover stories and  some alternative lifestyle stories, edited by Goldie Jones

116 pages

Rated mild R in some stories, PG-13 otherwise

Cover art by Jackie Kapke

Interior art by Jackie Kapke and Marina Broers

Published 1991

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Per the editor: The zine is dedicated to the members of Tunnel Dreams. In the premier issue, you'll find a "melting pot" of different stories, most of which were inspired by workshops, seminars, and exercises.

In addition to the classic and third season stories, there are Alternate Universe stories within and cross-over stories. Also included is a mosaic/round robin type story written in snippets by several writers. Poetry, too, and recipes, and a word find.

Athea  is an alternate lifestyle story depicting Vincent's attraction to another man, described by the editor as tasteful and sensitive.

Stories and poetry written by Gloria Handley, Goldie Jones, Sharon Lowy, Clairyce Gaston, Rhonda Collins, Jackie Kapke, Athea (pen name for Cynthia Coe), Judy Adams, Donna Coffey, Don MacDonald, Becky Bain, Kandi, Jeff Carden, Lori, Valerie, Julie Chapman, Debbie Harland, Claudia, Margaret Davis, Jackie Newman, Sarah


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