Destiny In Time

A part Classic/Continuing Classic novel by Judy Keller, reinventing the events post-The Rest is Silence, and a part Alternative Universe story in which Vincent’s origins are explained

unnumbered, single-sided pages

Rated Adult – some scenes are quite graphic

Interior art by the author and by Sandy “Chan” Shelton

Published 1996

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The novel that offers up an entirely different storyline post-Season 2 begins in Narcissa's voice. Her knowledge of Vincent's origin is related - and it's a unique story! At Chapter 4, the story switches to Catherine's voice and begins near the end of The Rest is Silence. What happens afterward is entirely different than what happens in Season 3. It's a little hard to explain without giving too much away.

Readers should note that V and C's sexual relationship is described in some detail and is direct in its language.


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