Destiny 4 – Eternities of Time

Classic Anthology edited by Kathy Cox

144 pages

Rated PG-13, C/V in a sexual relationship

Published 1990

Cover art by Beth Blighton

Interior art by Beth Blighton, Barbara Gipson, Kriss Farver, P. S. Nim, Pam Tuck, Jean Kluge, Lisa Stubblefield, Lynette Combs, Sheri Pruehs, M.A. Smith, Cheryl Duval, Kevin Hopkins, Dragon

Calligraphy by Kristy Effinger

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The last zine in the series.

Classic anthology zine with stories by Kathy Cox, Karen Dorrell, P.S. Nim, Linda Mooney, Sheri Green, Debbie Hicks, Margo Quigley, Cynthis Hatch, MariLynn

A collection of vignettes and stories from Vincent's childhood through his relationship with Catherine. The storyline from Destiny 3 concludes with Catherine moving below to bear their son.

This zine includes a few humorous stories: Ultimate First Time Story, LimmerPoem, and Double, Double.

Destiny 4 concludes Kathy Cox's Classic zine stories. She went on to write and produce several 3rd season zines. The CRLL owns all of them.


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