Destiny 2 – Love and Light

Classic Anthology edited by Kathy Cox

151 pages

Rated PG-13

Published 1989

Cover art by Beth Blighton

Interior art by Beth Blighton, Kevin Hopkins, Wendy Rae Smith

Calligraphy by Carol Anne Gordon

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Classic anthology zine by Kathy Cox, Karen Dorrell, Beth Blighton. Stories include a series entitled Songs of Life, Jacob's Song, Elizabeth's Song, Devin's Song, etc.

The Code is a teleplay.

Echo is a particularly affecting story concerning what truly happened to Catherine the night of her attack. Without giving the storyline away, readers who are sensitive to stories depicting deep emotional trauma should take care reading this one.

Notable is Love and Light - The Fable, which was later expanded and made into a separate zine by the same name.

Also came in a Golden Edition with special stamping and art printing - a rare zine to own.

The zines in the Destiny series are considered some of the very best published. Winner of three Tunnelcon fanzine awards.


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