Definitions of Love 5

A (mostly) Classic anthology edited by Kay Simon. Some Alternate storylines are included.

Rated PG

179 pages

Published 1991

Cover art by J. Ley

Interior art by Barbara Gudlauski, Shirley Leonard, J. Ley, Kay Simon

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Classic stories and poetry. This issue contains part 5 of The Whispering City. The Fires that Fence in the World is a sequel to volume 4's Does It Exist, Is It Real?

Stories written by Kathi Edrington, Krys Britton, Margaret Davis, JoAnne Grant, Betty Reardon, Debbie Restick, Kay Simon

Readers should be aware that The Return is an alternate-continuation story to Ozymandias. In this one, Catherine does marry Elliot Burch. This story details Catherine's return to New York after Elliot's death, ten years in the future. Jenny and Devin are married in this story.

And the Truth Is Love details Vincent and Catherine's marriage through the birth of a daughter.

Volume 6 was mentioned as planned, however the CRLL does not own a copy of it and we're not sure it was ever published. If you have a copy of #6, please let us know!


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