Definitions of Love 2

A Classic anthology edited by Kay Simon

Rated PG-13

191 pages

Published 1989

Cover art by J. Ley

Interior art by J. Ley and Holly Riedel

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Classic and poetry described by the editor as "an alternate universe concurrent with the second-season on-screen storyline. In this universe, the Vincent-Catherine dream will endure unchanged." (Catherine's was left unknown at the end of the original screening of Season 2, hence these stories go on in a universe in which Season 3 has not happened yet.)

Volume 2 in this 5-title series focuses on Catherine and Vincent and the characters from 1st and 2nd seasons. This issue contains part 2 of The Whispering City and will be continued in Volume 3.

Stories written by Kay Simon, Edith Crowe, Margaret Davis, Catherine Stanley


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