Daydreams and Fantasies 4

Classic and post-3rd season stories edited by Jackie Skalski, Susie Goldberg, and Betty Salazar

rating undetermined

341 pages

Cover art by Kerin Houseburg

Internal art by Kerin Houseburg, Anna Deavers-Kelly, Lana Lanham, Mary Nguyen, Holly Riedel, Sandy Tew, Maggie Wade. Calligraphy by Connie Moler

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Stories and poetry by Marcia Lefebvre, Wayne and Anna Deavers-Kelly, Betty Reardon, Jackie Skalski, Cer Gray, Katherine Garnett

In this fourth and final zine in the anthology series you'll find the last parts of Marcia Lefebvre's The Adversary, which is set in an alternate 3S universe and the continuation of Primal Sympathy.

Diana appears in at least one story: An Excuse for Being.

Included are cartoons, graphics, and jokes.


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