Daydreams and Fantasies 3

Classic stories, some with Catherine and Vincent in a sexual relationship, lots of poetry

edited by Jackie Skalski, Susie Goldberg, Rich Brinkley, and Betty Salazar

Rated PG 13 – mild R

331 pages

Cover art by Kerin Houseburg

Internal art by Kerin Houseburg, Maggie Wade, Lana Lanham, Mary Nguyen, Sandy Tew, Pat Wahab. Calligraphy by Connie Moler.

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9 Stories and much poetry by Katherine Garnett, Cheryl Gray, Kerin Houseburg, Marcia Lefebvre, Betty Reardon

In Primal Sympathy, Parts 1 and 2 Catherine discovers another being like Vincent and Paracelsus plots more revenge.

A third installment of Kroywen is included: Twice the Happiness, Twice the Joy. Catherine is pregnant with twins.

In Every Right, Vincent and Catherine experience misunderstandings and jealousy.

In Reality Leap, by unexplained means, Vincent is transported into our world. He arrives in Griffith Park through the drainage tunnel, but it is now January 1992. A modern day helper (one of the authors) helps him understand what's happened to him during his search for Catherine after she disappeared.

Readers should note - We Welcome the Child is set 20 years into the future after Vincent's death in a tunnel accident. The story deals with the birth of Vincent and Catherine's grandchild.


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