Daydreams and Fantasies 2

An anthology of Classic, Vincent & Catherine Childhood, and post-3rd Season stories and poetry, edited by Jackie Skalski and Susie Goldberg

Rated PG – mild R

219 pages

Cover art by Kerin Houseburg

Internal art by Barbara Gipson, Kerin Houseburg, Maggie Wade, Holly Riedel, David Seamon, Saskia Grunbeger, Jackie Skalski, Anne Sansky

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Stories and poetry by Jackie Skalski,  Marcia Lefebvre, Kerin Rose Houseburg, Janet Rocco, Cher Gray, Roseann Solnica, Saskia Grunberger

A mix of storylines:

Thoughts of Flight is a Devin and Vincent childhood tale - they get into mischief!

In The Homecoming, sequel to Kroywen, found in Volume 1, Vincent and Catherine finally consummate their love and discover Vincent's lost, half-brother Elliot! Diana appears to help this storyline alone.

In Dreams of the Future,  A disastrous decision by Vincent forces Catherine to consider marrying someone else.

In Echoes of the Heart, Catherine's spirit appears to urge Vincent toward love again and Diana is there to comfort him.

The writers again include themselves in two of the stories. In one, a fan's fantasy comes true when Vincent makes love to her!



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