Daydreams and Fantasies 1

An anthology of Classic, Continuing Classic, SND and Alternate 3rd Season stories and poetry, edited by Jackie Skalski and Susie Goldberg.

In one story Catherine returns in another body (the alternate 3S story, although not entirely alternate) and Diana appears as a friend.

Rated PG

174 pages

Cover art by Kerin Houseburg

Internal art by Holly Riedel, Kerin Houseburg, Pete Siekierski

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Stories and poetry by Jackie Skalski, Tom Skalski, Marcia Lefebvre, Kerin Rose Houseburg, Susie Goldberg, Janet Rocco. Cher Gray, Kathleen Hall.

A mix of storylines:

In Vice Versa, Catherine and Vincent come to better understand their relationship through Narcissa's intervention.

Kroywen  and Homeward Bound are interlinked stories in which Vincent discovers his birth world and birth mother.

In Wings of a Soul and its sequel The Bonding, Catherine returns in another body. Replay is another alternate 3S story.

Father finds love again in Autumn Love.

In several stories, the writers themselves appear as characters in the narrative.



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