Darkness at Dawn

A Classic novel written by Janet Kilbourne

160 pages

Published 1992

Cover art uncredited

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This classic story is set between The Hollow Men and the Season 2-ending Trilogy. It's therefore tense, worried, and problem-riddled in its treatment of V/C's love ... being tested this time by a pair of FBI agents who charge her with being an accessory to the series of slasher murders that have been occurring for the past few years in NY.

From the sales flyer: Despairing at the never-ending prospect of bloodshed in order to protect the woman he loves, Vincent begins to realize that the dream can only continue at the cost of his own peace of mind. But this is only the beginning of the nightmare, and the devastating consequences of events Above may prove to be the greatest crisis their love has yet faced. meanwhile, Elliot Burch receives a visit from the FBI and finds that a promise he once made has returned to haunt him with a vengeance. Elliot must come to terms with what he sees as a betrayal - and faces the possibility that the mystery continuing to surround Catherine goes deeper than anyone could possibly have imagined.


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