Dark and Bright – The Theme of Honor’s Tongue

An Alternate Universe story written by Lydia Bower.

89 pages

Rated PG-13 – Mild R, depending on your sensitivities

Published 1994

Art by Renate Haller and Sandy “Chan” Shelton

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This Classic fantasy zine tells how, when threatened with marriage to Gabriel, the tyrannical ruler of her kingdom North Abufan, Catherine is shipped off on the Enchanted Sea toward safety. Blown off course, she's rescued by a community of cave dwellers led by Jacob Wells and his adopted son Vincent. Romance ensues. Vincent finds magical tokens (including a sword) and learns of his origins, then sets out to confront the tyrant.

There, this present story leaves off, but a conclusion was thought to be in the works. By this story's end, V/C are lovers, however the sex isn't explicit.


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