Dancing Waters

Anthology of Classic and Continuing Classic stories and poetry written by British, European and US fans, edited by Wendy DeVeryard

A BatB Convention Fund Raiser for Masquerades 2000, a fan convention in the UK

101 pages

Rated R by the editor (unverified by the CRLL librarian – some stories seem G- or PG-rated at first glance)

Published in 2000

Art by Renate Haller and Sandy “Chan” Shelton

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Stories and poetry by Kindra King, JoAnn Baca, Georgina McCracken, Wendy DeVeryard, Katrina Relf, Edith Crowe, Marit Rasmussen, Kinda Miatt.

Includs the unique story Excerpts from a Diary by Edith Crowe, written from the point of view of the brownstone Catherine buys for her life with Vincent, originally published in Sanctuary 2 (Spring 1997 issue)


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