CyberDreams 1

Anthology of Classic stories and poetry written by subscribers to the beautybeast-tv mailing list, edited by Cathy Moran

Of the 16 stories, 4 are stated to have “adult content” or “strong adult content”. The other stories are not rated, but it is assumed they are less than “adult”.

246 pages

Published 1998

Cover art by Sandy Chandler Shelton.

Interior art by Sandy Tew, Sandy “Chan” Shelton.

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Beautybeast-tv was an early coalition of fans sponsored by Runtim Chaos and linked to the USENET newsgroup. It's subscribers came from across the US and around the world. The group was access through email.

Stories and poetry by Janice Keenan, Jacalyn Newman, Pat King, Kathy Battershell, JoAnn Baca, Jason Newman, Cathy Moran, Lori Hicks, Marcus Holt, and Teri Pepe.

Also includes a round robin, multi-author story written by Terry, Clairyce, Pat, Lori H. Chandler,Patti, Ginger, Deb-d, Carrie, Taura, Lorvan, Jason, Cathy, Nancy C, and Nancy M,


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