Catherine and Vincent’s Excellent Adventure

The conzine of the 16th Annual Beauty and the Beast Convention in Burlington, Vermont

A collection of 30 submissions: stories, art, filks, a crossover screenplay, and poetry

Rated PG-13 –  R (stories) One piece of adult art.

198 pages

Published 2005

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A little bit of everything!

Submissions by Gwen Lord, John Clare, Helen Commodore, Joan Stephens, JoAnn Baca, Alice Cary, Karen Mitchell, Rebecca Marcus, KgF, Donna Howard, Denise, Jo Fredericks, Cat Freeman, Kathleen Smith-Ramirez, Judy Loyd, Ginny Shearin.

Art by Sandy Tew, Sandy Chandler Shelton, Marilyn Howard, Lisa Gould, BJ Hynes




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