The Curse of Black Opal

A BatB/Miami Vice crossover by Flamingo

author-described as “slash” and “adult”. Also described as Alternate Universe.

Rated X for explicit same-sex relations between the Miami Vice characters and explicit sex between Catherine and Vincent.

160 pages

Published 1996

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The author described this novel as taking place near the end of the first season, ignoring the last episode (A Happy Life).

The editor has this to say about the story: "This is one superbly excellent story. Two miracles were produced by Flamingo in this novel: One again, she made me like Rico Tubbs (NOT and easy thing to do!) and two, she turned the usually simpering Catherine Chandler into a strong, independent, admirable, likeable woman who can stand up to anyone, even Father, Martin Castillo and Sonn6 Crockett! To my mind, there isn't a single whien or whimper that passes Catherine's lips in this novel, a rarity in B&B fandom indeed!"

Explicit sex, homosexual relationships.

Vincent is an aggressive lover, much to Catherine's enjoyment. His specific body part is described as alien.


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