Crystal Visions

A BatB/Crossover zine edited by Sharon Dickerson and Mariann Howarth

Features crossover with several popular shows of the time. Catherine does seem to feature in most of the stories.

81 pages

Published 1992

Cover art by Mariann Howarth

Interior art by Joy Riddle, Mariann Howarth, Peggy Spalding, Diane Hawley,

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Stories mix BatB with the shows Wild Cards, The Man From Uncle, McCloud, Doctor Who, The Equalizer, Night Court, Batman, Shadow Chasers, Counter Strike,Quantum Leap, and Dark Justice.

Stories by Katherine Nickell, Paulie, Marsha Battey, Karen Robertson, Robin Cloward, Heather Adcock, Sharon Dickerson.

In The Man From Uncle crossover, Ally from the Secret Place, Ilya is wounded by THRUSH and is brought to safety Below by Vincent.

The Equalizer crossover Daddy's Girl concerns Catherine's maturation after meeting Vincent.

The Night Court crossover by Joy Riddle is a Mouse's origin story.

The Counterstrike crossover by Catherine Nickell has Elliot Burch as an old friend of Alexander's who helps oppose Gabriel's machinations.

A few stories are not crossovers, but wholly BatB: From the Diary of Devin Wells, Journey's End, Simply ... Catherine, Shadow Man, and Questions ... Unanswered.


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