Crystal Reflections

A classic/continuing classic and SND anthology edited by Carol Kyne and Betty Neiswender

201 pages

Rated PG

Cover art by Lynette Combs

Interior art by Anna Deavers, Sharon Reynolds, Lynette Combs, Dragon, Barbara Gipson, Lisa Stubblefield

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A collection of 10 classic/continuing classic and post-3rd season SND stories and some poems.

Characters from the 1st and 2nd season appear: Mitch Denton, Kanin, and Jonathan Smythe. In the SND story Thresholds, Diana appears as a friend.

Stories and poetry by Betty Neiswender, Darrilyn Malone, Diana West, Michael Cote, Ursula Boyle, Loretta Bryce, and Carol Kyne


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