Crystalfire 2

A mix of seasons stories by Debbie Nockels, some SND, some Continuing Classic, some 4th season (no Catherine, no Diana-romance)

202 pages

Rated R+ – some explicit sex

Published 1993

Cover art by Diane Leva

Interior art by Cindy Box, Sue Krinard, Diane Leva, and Sherri White

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In the SND story Catherine recovers from a long coma. Interspersed with pro song lyrics and poems. Some explicit sex.

In Night of Masks, V/C attend Joe's Halloween party whose theme is cats.

Love's Light Wings spins off from A Fair and Perfect Knight to become a 'first time' V/C sexual encounter.

Back to You proposes that Catherine left Vincent at his request after the Trilogy.

What's in a Dream proposes that V/C are asleep in her bed in The Rest Is Silence when Catherine has a precognitive dream of the events of Third Season.

Journey's End is straight 4th season not SND. 20-year-old Jacob returns to the tunnels after a yearlong European excursion.


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