Crystal Cavern 4

An all-season anthology zine edited by Jacqui Clarke and Gwen Lord.

rated PG

143 pages

published 1991

Cover art by Gerda Eecklaert

Interior art by Helen Charlotte Hill, Verity Norris, Jane Curtis, Helen Maiden

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An all-season zine with stories and poetry by Janet Kilbourne, Linda Willan, Pauline Marshall, Katrina Relf, Sandra Deville, Sue Haley, Amber James, Joyce Murray, Verity Norris, Peter Wall, Sally-Ann Inkel, Joyce Clarke, Stephanie Bruford, Lynn Burman, Babs Hornr, Elaine Mallaband, Gwen Lord, Helen Charlotte Hill.

Pauline Marshall's Lovers Found (1st installment in Volume 1) concludes in this issure with Always.

One story towards the end of the zine  – Helen Charlotte Hill's Sealed Within the Heart – might be considered 3S because in it Catherine is dead. Sensitive readers should be aware this story offers an unusual and possibly disturbing method of reuniting Vincent, Catherine, and baby Jacob.


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