Crystal Cavern 3

Primarily (but not entirely) a Classic/Continuing Classic anthology zine edited by Jacqui Clarke and Gwen Lord. Includes some 3rd-season content

rated G

143 pages

published 1991

Cover art by Gerda Eecklaert

Interior art by Gerda Eecklaert, Penny Sutton, Jane Curtis, Lynn Simpson, Carole Stevenson

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Mostly - but not entirely - a classic/continuing classic zine. Stories and poetry by David Crowther, Pauline Marshall, Paul Wood, J. A. Bartlam, Janet Aspinall, Ann Inkel, Peter Wall, Gwen Lord, Sandra Deville, Kely Hawthorn, Katrina Relf, Paul Wood, Linda Willan, Marueen Wall, Marilyn Mastin, John Duggan, Janet Kilbourne, Babs Horne, Elaine Mallaband, H. A. Taylor

The Dying of the Light details Vincent's attempt to save Catherine---and Catherine's attempt to save herself---after she is poisoned by a defendant.

Obstacle of Love is a sequel to The Intruder from Vol. 2 in the series.

Unexplained Dreams is the third part of a story begun in Lovers Found in Vol. 1 of the series and continued in Vol. 2.

Lion Boy is a story about Vincent's son Jacob.

Classic fans please note: The story, A Rose for Remembrance, is post-3S in which Catherine is dead and Diana is a friend. Some poems allude to the events of 3rd season.


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