Crystal Cavern 11

A classic/continuing classic anthology zine edited by Gwen Lord and Katie Atkins.

58 pages

published 2000

Cover art by Verity

Interior art by Sue Green, Chuckie Burge, Carol Stevenson, Anna Stinson, and Elke Prietl

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As is stated on the cover, this is a "classic collection designed to touch and warm your heart."

Stories by Lorraine Beasley, Lynn Murphy, Gwen Lord, Tess Freeman

NOTE: The stories Together Again and To Realise the Dream by Tess Freeman are sequels to the story All Things New which was published in the zine Tapestry Tales 1. The editor notes that Tapestry Tales has merged with the Crystal Cavern series. The CRLL owns copies of Tapestry Tales 1 if you'd like to order it along with this volume of Crystal Cavern.





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