Crossing the Great Waters In Love’s Name

The conzine of the 30th Annual Beauty and the Beast Convention held in Mackinaw City, Michigan, July 12 -14, 2019

243 pages

published 2019

A mix of ratings. Two stories are rated Adult.

Cover art by Chan, Logo by Gordon Cook

Interior art by WinterRose, Lynette Parker, Jackie Kapke, LauraG, CrowMama

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A mix of stories and art - none are labeled 3S, so you would assume the stories are Classic, Continuing Classic, or SND. Two stories (one by Jo Fredericks, one by CrowMama) contain Adult Content.

Authors: Janet Rivenbark, Hillary Donitz-Goldstein, Samantha Coleman,Angel McQuiston, Bobbi Suny, Londa Wilson, Olivia K. Good, Cyndi Day, JoAnn Baca, Ingrid Hechler, Jo Fredericks, CrowMama



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