The Creature There Has Never Been

All-Season Conzine of the 25th Annual U.S. Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul, July 11-13, 2014

Subtitle: The Possibility of Being, edited by Carole W

403 pages

Various ratings, G through Adult

Cover art by WinterRose

Interior art by Jackie Kapke, Linn, Debbie Bluerose, Nana Ames, underthepark, SandyX, Sandy Tew, Kat B

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Lots of stories, poetry, essays, and artwork in this conzine. All seasons are represented: classic, continuing classic, SND, and one 3rd season story. All ratings as well: G - Adult (five steamy stories).

Stories by Kuli und Heft, Judith Nolan, Aliset, Olivia K. Goode, Debbie Bluerose,  Rose M, Joanne Grier, Crowmama, SandyX, Allison Duggins, Denise, Janet Rivenbark, valjean, JoAnn Baca/Jo Fredericks, Teri P.

Poetry by Nancy, bat.balien, D. K. Becker, Judith Nolan,

Essays by Pat, Judith Nolan, Rosemarie Salvatore,


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