The Covenant

A SND novella with a twist, written by Claudine McCraney

141 pages

Rated PG

Cover and internal art by the author’s son Kevin.

Published 1992.

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A SND story with the dialogue in screenplay format.

From the author: "The Covenant is a beautiful fairy tale. Fairy tales, like life, experience good times, wonderful times. And, like life, it also experiences dark times, times of peril, pain, and fears ..."

Leaving infant Jacob in Mary's care, Vincent and Catherine set out by van for an idyllic visit to Catherine's Connecticut cabin. When they arrive, after various dangers and difficulties, they spend their time in rapturous love making (though the instances are not at all explicit). Meanwhile, back in the tunnels, Father battles his worries and his aches. Jacob is abducted!

This novella is the sequel to the author's earlier zine, A Rare and Precious Thing.


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