Coming Out of the Dark

A classic/continuing classic novel by Patricia Kehoe

Rated Explicitly Adult

Cover and internal art by Rosemarie Hauer, some of it steamy

138 pages

Published 1992

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Part of the Vincent's World series.  Mitch Denton, now in command of the surviving members of the Silks gang, captures Vincent with the intention of selling him as revenge for his own previous humiliation. Those Below, together with Devin and Joe Maxwell, plan a rescue. Much explicit V/C sex.

From the author: Coming Out of the Dark is a story of Life as it is, with all the pain, the joy, as well as the passion. You will find humor in this book, hopefully, as well as romance. And a resolution of a long ago bitter hurt done to Vincent and to Catherine. Coming out of the Dark is a tale of Love and torment, delight and sorrow.


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