Classic Beauty and the Beast Vol. 2

Anthology of continuing classic and SND stories and poetry edited by Sharon Wells

Rating PG

200 pages

Published 1991

Cover art by Sue Krinard

Internal art by Sandra Elliott, Barbara Gudlauski, Jackie Kapke, Bruce Holroyd, Kathy Fidge, and Sharon Wells.

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A varied collection of stories ranging from continuing classic stories based on the events of Seasons 1 and 2 to a SND set 10 years into the future. In one story, Stephen Bass returns to torment Catherine further!

Submissions by Ann R. Brown, Jackie Kapke, Gretchen Kopmanis, Kay Weaver, MariLynn, J. J. Morgia, Lori Prins, Kathi Edrington, Sin Kennedy, Barb Coleing, Betty Reardon, and Sharon Wells


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