A V and C novel of family, set in the year 2008 (a Continuing Classic/SND+!) by Adele Turner

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101 pages

Cover Art by Lynette Combs

Internal Art by Terri Milliman and Michelle Sayles

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This tale chronicles a transitional time in the lives of Vincent, Catherine, and their loved ones, pegged to the return of son Jacob from college for Winterfest. Jacob has made certain decisions about his future life. Paired with this, Jacob's roommate Stan Burch, has also made some decisions on which he and his father do not easily agree.

From the author: "This story began as a one page vignette, quickly took control and dragged me kicking and screaming for page after page while I held on for dear life. It begins in the year 2008. Catherine and Vincent have their happy life, and their children and their friends' children are coming into their own."


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