The Chronicler’s Tales

An anthology of linked stories, mostly post-3rd season, edited by Kristy Effinger and Reggie Beck

Rated PG-13

100 pages

Art by Kristy Effinger, Leora Effinger, Gina Salisbury, Nora Leverson, Lukas Effinger

Published 1991

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Mainly post-3rd season but there are some Vincent/Catherine tales. The premise is that an apparently immortal and telepathic old man is rescued by Vincent and brought Below. The Chronicler then proceeds to record the present experiences and memories of those he encounters. A novel approach to and look at the Tunnel world and its community members. In one story, Catherine's spirit appears to make love to Vincent in order to help him remember the past. Diana is an accepted member of the tunnel words and is romantically linked to Vincent, but not in a sexual way. Each story features a different character, including Diana, Mouse, and Eliot Burch.

Among the classic stories is A Cry of Players by Toni Lichtenstein Bogolub in which a born actress, Madame Sarah, illegally holding secret acting classes for children Below, is in fact herself a teenager used as a call girl by her father.

Stories by Reggie Beck, Toni Lichtenstein Bogolub, Leora Effinger, Kristy Effinger, Linda Mooney, and a filk byMarilyn Oakvik

A sequel was planned, but does not appear to have been produced.


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