A Child Was Born

A Classic novel by Lisa Swope and Kim Prosser

Rated PG

173 pages

Published 1992

Cover art by Barbara Gipson

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Joe assign Catherine a case involving a research facility and during her investigations there, she discovers the truth of Vincen't birth and his mother. Catherine reunites mother and son who must then work to establish a relationship with each other.f

rom the authors: "This novel grew out of our refusal to believe that Vincent's mother would willingly abandon or throw him away. You won't find genetic horrors of 1955 within these pages, nor a beast fashioned by Science. A Child was Born is a story of love and one woman's determination to hang on to her baby. The fact that she failed is nothing against her, as we hope you'll see."

The CRLL owns several zines written by the duo of Swope and Prosser.


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