Children of the Darkness

A classic novelette by Roseann Solnica and a short story by Marilyn Mastin

Zine includes a Quotes Quiz and Masques 92 Memoirs

34 pages

Published 1993

Cover art by Mary Page

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From the author's (Solnica) preface: This story was inspired by an article in People magazine titled "Hiding From the Light" by Bonnie Johnson and Giovanna Bren. It appeared on May 14th, 1990, and chronicled the lives of Jaime and Sherry Harrison. Their disease xeroderma pigmentosum is very real. Although it affects less than one thousand people in the USA it is often fatal. This genetic disorder leaves its victims vulnerable to skin and eye cancers if they are exposed to sunlight or any ultraviolet rays. They are likely to develop speech, hearing, and/or mental impairments and probably die at a very young age. So cry we must for the Children of the Darkness.


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