Celebration of Love

A Classic anthology zine edited by Cheryl Gray. Diana appears briefly in a non-romantic context..

Rated R

265 pages

Cover and text illustrations by Nora Leverson

Internal art by Art Arteno, Grey Feather, Michele Sayles, Jackie Skalski, Gordy Coates, Candy Atchinson.

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30 classic stories and poems by Cheryl Gray "and friends". Most of the stories and poems are by Cheryl Gray.

Additional authors: Grey Feather, Nora Leverson, Jackie Skalski

Note from the author/editor: "It is my hope that someone will continue with my story, "The Silent Song of the Heart." The possibilities are endless."

Also from the author: Celebration of Love is rated R. Those who might e offended by written intimacy should not have purchased this zine.



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