Castles in the Air 2 – Promises to Keep

Anthology of 3rd season and post-3rd season stories edited by Patricia Almedina

Rated Adult (stories and art).

Cover art by Beth Blighton, much interior art

162 pages

Published 1991

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17 stories of adult situations and accompanying adult-themed art.

The flyer states: While not a true third season zine, readers should be aware that most stories are set in a 3rd season or post 3rd season time frame, even those where Catherine appears. The zine presents a variety of story lines including a first time story and a SND. In one, Catherine's spirit returns to help Vincent through his mourning. In another Vincent becomes involved with another woman after Catherine's death. In yet another Catherine strikes a bargain with the Dream Merchant to obtain her heart's desire.

Two stories concern Vincent and Diana's relationship and are very sexually explicit.

NOTE: This zine contains the controversial story Beloved by Kathy Cox. You might want to skip this one if you're a Classic-only fan

Stories by Anita Hooson, Linda Mooney, Debbie Ristick, Kate thomas, Julie Crutchley, Dorothy Cestaro, Margo Ann Quigley, Kerin Houseburg, Pandora, tgr. MariLynn, Beth Blighton, Michele Hawley, Kathy Cox

Art by Pam Tuck, Kriss Farver, Gail Streigle, Dragon, Kerin Houseburg, Beth Blighton, Anna Deavers.





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