Castles in the Air 1

Anthology of classic stories and poetry edited by Patricia Almedina

Rated Adult (stories and art)

Cover art by Wendy Smith, much interior art

187 pages

Published 1989

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Castles in the Air is divided into "Book One" (ten stories) and "Book Two" (eight stories),  separated by a poetry section (three poems).

These classic adult stories focus on the physical side of C and V's relationship and are set in the time frame of 1st and 2nd season.

Stories by Beth Blighton, Dorothy Cestaro, Julie Crutchley, Alvina Dillon, Linda Blumel, Heather Peters, Edith Crowe, Jeani Humphrey, Incez Paskal, Julie Sutfin, Anita Hooson, Patricia Leslie, R. H. deBurgh, Wildheart.

Poetry by Janet Dunadee, Steven Ronald Brattman, Julie Cornell.

Art by Beth Blighton, Wendy Rae Smith, Dragon, Pam Tuck, Mary Stacy MacDonald, Michele Hawley, Anna Deevers, Patricia Leslie.





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