Carousel of Dreams 3

A anthology of classic & continuing classic stories and poems edited by Gina Alkazian

published in 1992

rated PG-13 to R (in one story)

150 pages.

artwork by Jackie Kapke, Star, Sherri White, Sue Glasgow

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A diversity of story lines and writing styles. Authors: Ann R. Brown, Carla Mcrorie, Star, Linda Mooney, Gina Alkazian, Raye Dene

In Beyond Knowledge,  V & C have an idyll in the countryside.

In Her Eyes is a short interlude wherein Vincent is mesmerized by Catherine's glances.

The Color of Roses concerns toenail polish.

In Princess Petunia, Catherine has a confrontation with Lena, which leads to a "first time" encounter. This story is rated R, though relatively mild.

This Dream is about Catherine's dramatic confrontation with The Other and the revelation of the truth of their love.



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